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Community Tourism

Rural Tourism & Rural Community Tourism.

Our business proposition and objective as a distinctive Small Hotel and Experiences Operating business in the Dota & Zona de Los Santos and The Talamanca Highlands of Costa Rica, is to become, not just one of your preferred destinations and tourist services provider, but also a partner of your decisive sustainable tourist footprint in the area.

At Quinta GALEON Lodge, we are here to complement, provide, partner with you  and be a highlight of your travel and even business plans in Costa Rica, while expecting to have the opportunity to create and nature a nice, solid, long term and sustainable friendship in the process.

The area has so much to offer. Nature, mountains, breathtaking views and topography, one of the best coffees in the world, birds, hummingbirds, quetzals, clean air, peace, adventures, green and great communities and lots of open arms to welcome you all.

We are far from being a congested destination. Perhaps underrated or not widely known by many as a destination until now, it is certainly not an over-hipped touristic destination, but rather one of the best-kept secrets and safest destinations Costa Rica has to offer.

Talk to us, we’ll be delighted to host you and show you around!

The new model: Today, tourists area looking for different travel destinations options, more than ever before, that allows them to avoid crowds and will certainly prefer closer and safer sites. Tourists, nowadays, are looking for smaller, private, high-strict health security standards and rather personalized service levels, instead of jam-packed, less that average places, and always the same destinations.

Our new travelers are now looking for the most sustainable traveling options, as well as exciting and pace relaxing communities that can really offer them experiential workshops, wow, relaxed and connecting experiences. They have in many instances, a clear preference for rural environments, and furthermore, are in search of unique experiences and visiting places that will allow them to support the local employment and benefit rural communities with the proceeds they will leave behind with their more conscious tourism.

At Quinta GALEON Lodge and The Hummingbird Experience, we understand that, and appreciate that your dollar here with us will certainly benefit our small entrepreneurial family business efforts, and will provide a much needed income to our community members that are an integral part of the goods and services supply chain we support and rely on, to provide you with the best of our best services.

Our network of direct and indirect supply chain providers, service productive alliances, local suppliers and their families will sincerely welcome your interest on visiting our area, on having us as a key destination in Costa Rica, and you can rest asure and share with the world, that your dollar and the wealth you’ll bring to the area, will benefit many and will generously be distributed throughout the community, all of the above, blessings that will bring a positive impact in the well-being for our community.

Ahead of time, we thank you for commitment and business support you bring to our communities.


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