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Birding Photography Paradise

Birding Photography Paradise

Located just 60 Km from the capital of Costa Rica, San José, Quinta GALEON Lodge sits at 2050 m (6700 fasl) and it is like a convergence point in the Talamanca Highlands with great closeness to the Central Valley, Dota & The Saints Area, the Continental Divide of the top Caribbean and Pacific mountains, The Páramo, The Cerro de La Muerte and Los Quetzales National Park and Tapantí National Park.

The area is rich with high elevation bird species, with over 250+ species in its proximities, which makes Quinta GALEON Lodge a unique place on earth, where 24+ hummingbird species have been photographed besides a large number of these high elevation bird species.

When a great photographer by the name of Greg Basco asked us to expand our original house to bring photographers groups, we designed and  built in 2015 the second construction phase of our Quinta GALEON Lodge “totally around the hummingbirds” that visit our the property 13 hrs/day, 365+ days a year.

Our goal was then, to provide photographers and future visitors, -with the passion for nature, photography and hummingbirds in mind-, a distinctive place to enjoy memorable photography moments and experiences, while making them feel at Home Away From Home.

In just a few years, our project grew in service, in hummingbirds species, in birds in general, and in lots of great friends, and Quinta GALEON Lodge has become a Birding and Hummingbird Photography Paradise.

As a top Hummingbird Hostpot, it offers perhaps, the greatest number of hummingbird species in the world that can be photographed in one single place, a great density of hummingbirds and the countless creative options of natural photography backdrops and setups, all in a photography area of less than 200 sq mts.

A Full Day of Hummingbird and Bird Photography at Quinta GALEON Lodge includes,  full access to all birding and photography facilities, plus 2 coffee breaks and 1 lunch serving per visitor.

Whether you are lodging in the area, or just working out the details of your travel plans, if you love birding and hummingbird photography, then you might like to consider Quinta GALEON Lodge as a must stop and a unique photography experience you don’t want to miss when visiting The Dota Coffee Valley, La Zona de Los Santos, The Talamanca Highlands, and San Gerardo de Dota Area, or on your way to the Central and South Pacific Lowlands and beaches.

Photographers at Work !!

Proudly sharing with you some of our initial galleries, a testimony of the beautiful work that our guests, including some of the most distinguish & recognized photographers in the world have mastered at Quinta GALEON Lodge & The Hummingbird Experience, one of the top places in the world to enjoy and photograph hummingbirds. For more:

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